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Unleashed Nov 25, 2017

Why it isn't written that the theme can't be customized? I payed for someone to make me a popup cart just to find out that Free themes don't support this option. It would have been honest to mention it before someone spends money for code that he can throw to the trash!!!

Hobby Insight Oct 04, 2017

Why the image is crop when scaling? It is a responsive theme, so that is very disappointing.

Lots Of Fun Toys Aug 28, 2017

I like this theme. I am just starting out and it is sufficient for what I need. The Home Page Slideshow doesn't suit me so I removed this but it provides everything else that I need from it.

House of Sanjevani® Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center Aug 21, 2017

Really like it and the features, easy to deal with. Mobile seems to be broken. Text of the product description page shows up on top of the images and add to cart buttons. Trying to get some help with this, not sure where to turn as it seems nobody else has had this problem. Other than that, I really like it.

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Envy 佈景主題

Envy 佈景主題的 Oslo 樣式
Envy $180.00 USD

4 種樣式

Boundless 佈景主題

Boundless 佈景主題的 Black & white 樣式
Boundless 免費

2 種樣式

Debut 佈景主題

Debut 佈景主題的 Default 樣式
Debut 免費

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Narrative 佈景主題

Narrative 佈景主題的 Earthy 樣式
Narrative 免費

4 種樣式

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Minimal 佈景主題

Minimal 佈景主題的 Vintage 樣式
Minimal 免費

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Simple 佈景主題

Simple 佈景主題的 Light 樣式
Simple 免費

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Supply 佈景主題

Supply 佈景主題的 Blue 樣式
Supply 免費

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Brooklyn 佈景主題

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Brooklyn 免費

2 種樣式

Colors 佈景主題

Colors 佈景主題的 Generic 樣式
Colors $180.00 USD

3 種樣式

Responsive 佈景主題

Responsive 佈景主題的 New York 樣式
Responsive $180.00 USD

4 種樣式

Narrative 佈景主題

Narrative 佈景主題的 Cold 樣式
Narrative 免費

4 種樣式

Retina 佈景主題

Retina 佈景主題的 Austin 樣式
Retina $180.00 USD

4 種樣式