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Designed to display and promote a large catalog of products

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This theme is designed and supported by Maestrooo

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  • Customizable content sections on home page
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media icons
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Free theme updates
  • Free stock photos by Burst

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90% positive

  • 125 positive reviews
  • 3 neutral reviews
  • 11 negative reviews
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Gladiator Fitness Sep 04, 2020

Good theme, poor customer service. They make frequent updates without any documentation on how to implement these into the existing theme codebase. This is extremely annoying as no one uses the themes off the shelf and most will be heavily customised. The responses from their service team are appalling to say the least, and shopify needs to resolve this matter, especially for the price we paid

Bulko Sep 03, 2020

I love it, it's very customizable and the support you get is amazing. We've done so many changes through code and the way it is structured is just perfect.

Amish Baskets Sep 01, 2020

This is, by far, the best theme we have ever used. (We have had a few over the years.) Michaël Gallego provides the best support we have had on any theme.

None Aug 28, 2020

I have tried many Shopify themes and this is by far my favorite. Extremely well done and highly recommended. Great attention to detail and full featured.

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