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Tutti i temi nel Theme Store includono anche:

  • Sezioni di contenuto personalizzabili in home page
  • Design mobile-friendly
  • Ottimizzazione per i motori di ricerca (SEO)
  • Icone dei social media
  • Navigazione con menu a più livelli supportata
  • Color palette e stili integrati
  • Aggiornamenti del tema gratuiti
  • Foto gratuite da Burst

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MAKE-A-FRIEND 5 giorni fa

We had an opportunity to work with Mitch and the Clean Canvas support team to resolve an issue we ran into lately. The whole experience was pretty amazing. Their response was timely, and the process was very smooth. Not to mention their themes are all beautifully and thoughtfully made. Highly recommend!

DeTodoAqui Store May 05, 2021

Thanks for the support team. The video was very helpful. Mitch made a video for me so that he could go ahead and make the edits he needed. My big thanks to Mitch from Clean Canvas for the video. I am very satisfied with Excellent Service! Thanks Mitch and the Clean Canvas team!

Risposta di Clean Canvas May 06, 2021

You are most welcome :). Was really glad that I could help and appreciate the lovely review. Thank you for supporting us.

MataneHome May 05, 2021

Support team of Clean Canvas is strong! Thanks Katie and Darren for the quick response and follow up of my issues in setting up the website. Also, I believe they really know the Boost Theme very well and therefore can quickly look into the problem and get a solution! Besides the great support, I love this Boost Theme which is with a clean layout, allow customers to browse the website easily!

Risposta di Clean Canvas May 06, 2021

You are most welcome :). Site is looking great btw ;)

Praktical Toys Apr 17, 2021

I am still settling up my store but so far this theme is fantastic! It's meeting all my needs, is easy to configure and the support is amazing. Big shout out to Mitch from Clean Canvas who has been super helpful with the two queries I had. He was really quick to respond and filmed a video for me so I could follow along to make the edits I needed. Thanks Mitch and the Clean Canvas team!!

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