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Write a review Apr 24, 2018

I've been long thinking about which theme to take. Went through many dozens and compared to each other. Somehow I always returned to Empire Theme. I'm so glad I listened to my instincts. A fantastic theme, with a great support. Highly recommended!

Mongolife Apr 13, 2018

Very happy with this theme. Functional and well thought out. Love the design elements and the ease.

MIXXCI Apr 09, 2018

We're still setting things up with this theme, but I have to say we absolutely love it! We had outgrown our previous theme and this was the best overall solution. Fantastic search functionality. Awesome collection layout and quickview. It's not a theme that worked "right out of the box" for us, but no other theme did, either. If you're experiencing shop growing pains, this is the theme to get.

Poshlin Mar 31, 2018

This theme is pretty with no substance! Pretty in the face but workless in the background. You need your website to bring more than just pretty. I buy a cheaper theme that gives me all the things this theme is missing. It's not as pretty, but it gets the job done and make my job a lot easier setting up a website business......This is just a shell, nothing more.

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